Many blogs give useful information about improving performance. However, more information is rarely the problem. As we know all too well. Knowing about, or planning to, is not doing. In short, we need practice. Initial learning can be fun, but getting good at anything requires hard practice.

Rapid technological changes will mean that the ability to teach yourself skills may be the single most important skill to have. Effective soft skills may be the only way to secure a future in an evolving economy with a dwindling middle class. Unfortunately, this is a rare skill.

This blog is about the practice of learning, managing the learning process using systems, tackling the knowing vs doing gap. Practice, particularly the nexus between cognitive and physical skills, will also be a focus.


“Unfortunately, as our special report in this issue sets out, the lifelong learning that exists today mainly benefits high achievers—and is therefore more likely to exacerbate inequality than diminish it. If 21st-century economies are not to create a massive underclass, policymakers urgently need to work out how to help all their citizens learn while they earn. So far, their ambition has fallen pitifully short.”


What is myelin?

The real challenge of AI and robotics: the disappearing middle class

Investing in your soft skills may be the answer to this challenge











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