In their very valuable book Video review of the book

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning the authors emphasize the importance of corrective feedback to improve learning. Teachers generally focus too much on their role as distributors of information rather than evaporators of student performance. I would add that even better outcomes are achieved when we help students to self-evaluate by providing them with cues, checklists, or external triggers to aid them to evaluate.

TIP: Choose exercise that have built in feedback whenever possible. As instuctors, parents, or managers we should help our learners to self-evaluate to improve performance whenever possible. If the learner does not understand why they have received their grade or evaluation and how they can improve their performance then we have failed to teach effectively.

Examples of exercises with built in feedback:

Can you touch your toes?

Can you hold your balance on one leg with your eyes closed for ten seconds?

A very good example of corrective exercises. In short, our exercise routines should be built on improving performance in a specific area, even when foam rolling.


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